Dear Internet.. Irrelevant Much?

Hello there internet. Let me just start by stating that I’m very annoyed with your behavior. And the actions you allow to happen here. For example… If I ask a question on yahoo answers about a social situation, i.e; “how to deal with a situation when you accidentally snubbed someone because you didn’t realize it was them until it they were already gone.” Now I realize that this was not the most intelligent of questions to ask, but my very “vast” many of friends was unable to help with the situation, and I needed to deal with it the next day. Nobody helped me so I just had to deal with it myself. But… After about a month I decided to take to yahoo answers again in pursuit of an old game I used to play, I came across an answer to the question.

She pretty much ignored the entire question.

“Do you know that there’s an ebola outbreak going on? I’m sorry but your worry seems so small compared to that.”

Let me just… Okay..

First of all, yes, I know. I’m not living under a rock, I’m living on the internet and outside in the world.

Secondly… What does that have to do with dealing with this social awkwardness? Hmm? What does it have to do with that? NOTHING. IT’S COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT TO THE TOPIC AT HAND. And the disease is being contained in West Africa and being treated in the USA (as far as I know). So, the outbreak, while I’m upset that it’s occurring, it does not directly affect me or my immediate family as I don’t know anyone living in any part of the African continent nor do I live ANYWHERE where doctors are coming back to the states and getting treated. Also, I’m not making direct contact with anyone who has been in Africa recently. I’m not going to let something that’s happening in another country make me completely forget about how my friends and family are feeling, or how to fix problems I’m having in MY personal life.

Of course I don’t want people to get sick and die, but I honestly do not know or care enough to get to know more about the ebola virus (as of right now) to start a conversation because I CANNOT provide a treatment option and I DO NOT have any information to add, as I am not knowledgeable enough to have an intellectual conversation about the situation.


As I’ve been watching youtube videos, I keep seeing comments about white genocide and what not, and let me just say that


2) Plenty of people who are white have had the choice to date whichever ethnicity they please and plenty of them have ended up having white children. There is no genocide. Stop it. The rest of the world doesn’t care.

3) So lemme get this straight… A German-American person can marry a Swedish-American person and that’s right fine, though they’re culturally different but HEY WHITE IS WHITE. But if say… An Estonian-American person marries a Filipino-American person IT’S WHITE GENOCIDE AND CULTURAL BLAH BLAH BLAH. Stop it. The rest of the world doesn’t care.

4) And umm… The world doesn’t care who YOU marry, but saying that we as American minorities think that every white person should marry a brown, yellow, red, black, blue, purple, sage person means that you’re obviously a very ignorant person to begin with and we definitely don’t want to marry someone like YOU anyways so you needn’t worry about that one. We, the people you think are proposing white genocide, are simply saying not to limit yourself to one race, as there is, in the words of my hero Lilly Singh, “one love.” One. Not one that’s definitely my ethnicity. So stop it.

Thank you. You’re entitled to your opinions, but to say that the world cares about things that aren’t important or to say that we’re trying to eliminate your race is… One word..

To me at least 🙂 Please don’t be that person