Shaving.. Pt. 1+ I’m Not Ready For Diets

So in highschool we’re either dealing with puberty or are finished with puberty. And with puberty comes…. Body hair. So we get rid of it, right? As teenagers we have four options. Tweezing, waxing, depilatory creams, and shaving. I have tried all of these… But only two on places other than my eyebrows, and I’ve got to say shaving and creams are all a teen has. IF they have money or can tolerate the stink and sting of nair. You know what I mean. Gillete, Shick, Bic, no name brands. They’re either inexpensive or irritating to your skin. And in my experience, we very rarely look for cheaper options. But today I decided to. And you will NOT believe what I’ve discovered until you see it.

I watched a lot of reviews on these things, and every woman and man I’ve watched has had a pretty good opinion about them. Below I will insert the email I sent to my mother immediately proceeding the discovery of these products.


I just watched like 6 reviews (and they all have coupon codes) for these dorco razors. They have 6… SIX blades. Oh my god. it gets better…

One razor with 2 heads and a wall mount costs $5.95, one refill that comes with 4 heads costs $6.75. Mom.. MOM. And three bikini razors cost $2.50.Can we please try them? Pleaaaaaaaaase. All the reviews were really good! By the way, the brand is DORCO and it’s american based. And also this thing. Oh lawd. Oh lawd.”

Yeaup. I’m gonna make Pt. 2 if I ever get to try these bad boys out and I will see you there!

YouTube Reviews: 12, 3, 45678

BTW: I’m totally NOT just not ready for dieting right now. I can’t worry about it. But lately I’ve noticed that I haven’t been craving sugar and have been eating more fruits. Progress? Maybe. Btw, I have been exercising and with that I’m sure I’ll get better. Eventually.

P.S. I realize Dorco is originally a Korean company, but we are ordering from “Dorco® USA [which] is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Dorco’s Pace™ and Shai™ shaving products


Okay bai ❤