So… I Lived

I didn’t get to make breakfast or anything (while cleaning the stove my mom put a flammable substance on it because of the wood stain that dripped on it from the cabinets). But yeah… She was completely happy with the clean house! It had been completely in shambles due to a kitchen remodeling, but now our home is like  a home again.. Not a construction warehouse! Sorry this is so ridiculously short, but I’m about to write another post, that will be quite cool, so check it out!


I Forgot to Take Out the Trash



I FORGOT TO TAKE THE FREAKING TRASH OUT! OMG! OMG! OMG! Our cans were full.. but I completely forgot about them! OMG! I WOKE UP WHEN IT WAS TOO LATE TO DEAL WITH IT!  WHY?????? URGH!!!

You know what woke me up? THE FREAKING SOUND OF THE TRUCK AT THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BLOCK, COLLECTING THEIR TRASH! They only collect theirs after ours. And we have two FULL, past the brim, still quite under 15 lbs though, mother-father cans outside and now.. NOW WE MUST SUFFER UNTIL SUNDAY! WHILE RENOVATING!! WHY!!?? I’m only freaking out so much because my mother hinted at doing it last night and I planned on doing it after the dishes but they took me 45 minutes to do and I forgot T.T I hope I don’t get grounded. OH GOD! I hope mommy doesn’t get a fine or anything when we put out extra bags on Sunday night! OMG what if she gets upset? Or our back yard starts to smell? Oh goodness this is just awful. Awful! URGHHH!! I have $15 and I would have paid for  someone to come back here BUT THE COMPANY DOESN’T OPEN UNTIL AN HOUR AFTER PICK UP! WHAT THE HECK!? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO REQUEST TRASH TO MAKE A QUICK REVERSE??? Hah? I’m only 16 and I’m really ashamed that I forgot about it. I could seriously cry right now. OH MY GOD.

I’m gonna cry.




I ONLY HAVE $15! Huhuhuhu


This was a bad thing to wake up to 😦

I think… I think I might go hide in a hole for the rest of the day. Or the closet. Or suddenly have the urge to go outside. Or clean everything really, really nicely so mommy won’t be so angry. Yeah.. I’m gonna do that one…

RIGHT NOW. JUST.. CLEAN. And be super critical about the cleanliness level. She’ll love that. And I’ll cook breakkie.. Yeah.. Yeah.. Okay.. Okay.. Whooosaa. (I think my neighbors are throwing a fit because they missed the trash too.. Or maybe they’re angry about ours and decided to punch the wall o.o)…

BREATH GURL. BREATHE. Okay.. this is the new plan…




SAY,”I totally forgot to take the trash out………”

And then do 36 mini-prayers while waiting for response. If I make it out alive… I’ll make another post later. OKAY! HWAITING!

Dear Internet.. Irrelevant Much?

Hello there internet. Let me just start by stating that I’m very annoyed with your behavior. And the actions you allow to happen here. For example… If I ask a question on yahoo answers about a social situation, i.e; “how to deal with a situation when you accidentally snubbed someone because you didn’t realize it was them until it they were already gone.” Now I realize that this was not the most intelligent of questions to ask, but my very “vast” many of friends was unable to help with the situation, and I needed to deal with it the next day. Nobody helped me so I just had to deal with it myself. But… After about a month I decided to take to yahoo answers again in pursuit of an old game I used to play, I came across an answer to the question.

She pretty much ignored the entire question.

“Do you know that there’s an ebola outbreak going on? I’m sorry but your worry seems so small compared to that.”

Let me just… Okay..

First of all, yes, I know. I’m not living under a rock, I’m living on the internet and outside in the world.

Secondly… What does that have to do with dealing with this social awkwardness? Hmm? What does it have to do with that? NOTHING. IT’S COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT TO THE TOPIC AT HAND. And the disease is being contained in West Africa and being treated in the USA (as far as I know). So, the outbreak, while I’m upset that it’s occurring, it does not directly affect me or my immediate family as I don’t know anyone living in any part of the African continent nor do I live ANYWHERE where doctors are coming back to the states and getting treated. Also, I’m not making direct contact with anyone who has been in Africa recently. I’m not going to let something that’s happening in another country make me completely forget about how my friends and family are feeling, or how to fix problems I’m having in MY personal life.

Of course I don’t want people to get sick and die, but I honestly do not know or care enough to get to know more about the ebola virus (as of right now) to start a conversation because I CANNOT provide a treatment option and I DO NOT have any information to add, as I am not knowledgeable enough to have an intellectual conversation about the situation.


As I’ve been watching youtube videos, I keep seeing comments about white genocide and what not, and let me just say that


2) Plenty of people who are white have had the choice to date whichever ethnicity they please and plenty of them have ended up having white children. There is no genocide. Stop it. The rest of the world doesn’t care.

3) So lemme get this straight… A German-American person can marry a Swedish-American person and that’s right fine, though they’re culturally different but HEY WHITE IS WHITE. But if say… An Estonian-American person marries a Filipino-American person IT’S WHITE GENOCIDE AND CULTURAL BLAH BLAH BLAH. Stop it. The rest of the world doesn’t care.

4) And umm… The world doesn’t care who YOU marry, but saying that we as American minorities think that every white person should marry a brown, yellow, red, black, blue, purple, sage person means that you’re obviously a very ignorant person to begin with and we definitely don’t want to marry someone like YOU anyways so you needn’t worry about that one. We, the people you think are proposing white genocide, are simply saying not to limit yourself to one race, as there is, in the words of my hero Lilly Singh, “one love.” One. Not one that’s definitely my ethnicity. So stop it.

Thank you. You’re entitled to your opinions, but to say that the world cares about things that aren’t important or to say that we’re trying to eliminate your race is… One word..

To me at least 🙂 Please don’t be that person

Shaving.. Pt. 1+ I’m Not Ready For Diets

So in highschool we’re either dealing with puberty or are finished with puberty. And with puberty comes…. Body hair. So we get rid of it, right? As teenagers we have four options. Tweezing, waxing, depilatory creams, and shaving. I have tried all of these… But only two on places other than my eyebrows, and I’ve got to say shaving and creams are all a teen has. IF they have money or can tolerate the stink and sting of nair. You know what I mean. Gillete, Shick, Bic, no name brands. They’re either inexpensive or irritating to your skin. And in my experience, we very rarely look for cheaper options. But today I decided to. And you will NOT believe what I’ve discovered until you see it.

I watched a lot of reviews on these things, and every woman and man I’ve watched has had a pretty good opinion about them. Below I will insert the email I sent to my mother immediately proceeding the discovery of these products.


I just watched like 6 reviews (and they all have coupon codes) for these dorco razors. They have 6… SIX blades. Oh my god. it gets better…

One razor with 2 heads and a wall mount costs $5.95, one refill that comes with 4 heads costs $6.75. Mom.. MOM. And three bikini razors cost $2.50.Can we please try them? Pleaaaaaaaaase. All the reviews were really good! By the way, the brand is DORCO and it’s american based. And also this thing. Oh lawd. Oh lawd.”

Yeaup. I’m gonna make Pt. 2 if I ever get to try these bad boys out and I will see you there!

YouTube Reviews: 12, 3, 45678

BTW: I’m totally NOT just not ready for dieting right now. I can’t worry about it. But lately I’ve noticed that I haven’t been craving sugar and have been eating more fruits. Progress? Maybe. Btw, I have been exercising and with that I’m sure I’ll get better. Eventually.

P.S. I realize Dorco is originally a Korean company, but we are ordering from “Dorco® USA [which] is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Dorco’s Pace™ and Shai™ shaving products


Okay bai ❤


I’m FAT, not CURVY

As you can tell by the title… This blog post will be la sad (and angry and annoyed). I know I should probably be sleeping because I have somewhere to be tomorrow but I really needed to write this post.

This “issue” came up when I got tired of only wearing jeans outside of my home because I always look like a middle aged women in knee length shorts and googled how fat girls should wear them.After googling I found a post featuring pictures and advice for literally only curvy women. Women with barely any fat, lots of muscle, lean thighs and flat tummies, big busts and bums, model types. Which made me realize that everywhere look and search, fat is treated as if it doesn’t exist. Well guess what America? It does.

I… am fat. I’m going to be fat for a long time, just like a lot of other individuals in this country. And no, I didn’t choose to be fat. I didn’t choose to be addicted to sugar. I didn’t choose to make healthier food options more expensive. I didn’t choose to be mocked into a person who is so fat conscious that going clothes shopping and to the gym and even to doctor’s appointments is embarrassing to the point that I leave the room to cry in a bathroom stall. I didn’t choose that for myself, and quite frankly I don’t know anyone else who has. BUT IF THEY DID… why is that anyone’s business but theirs?

I absolutely hate it when I hear people say things like: “Just eat better. Workout. You’ll be skinny someday! You’re not fat, you’re beautiful. I know plenty of people love curvy girls.” What the–

#1: I do TRY to eat better. I know that sugar is my weakness. And who says I’m not? 15% of body fat doesn’t just disappear overnight. Thanks. (Oh, and by the way, constantly asking me out to eat fancy desserts isn’t exactly helping at all, my chingus.)

#2: I’ve been dancing since I was 8. There are definitely muscles under all of this fat that I should be so ashamed of, and I personally don’t think that is really the problem. Thanks.

#3: Maybe I won’t. I’m kind of absolutely okay with that. Maybe I’ll just be healthy and not overweight and have tight muscles to show off instead of the fat that you make me so afraid to let see the light of day. Thanks.

#4: You’re not a jerk, you’re just stupid.

#5: Not curvy. NOT. CURVY. There is a completely NON-VISIBLE difference in my waist and hips. And my butt is not a dinner table sized for you to rest your drinks on either.

I just.. Ugh.. Why is being fat such a shameful thing? Why is it that people have to comment on my fat percentage? I’m fat. I know I’m fat. You know I’m fat. Everyone who can see me knows I’m fat. And everyone who interacts with me has that I’m fat lingering in the back of their mind as they word their sentences and observe my behavior.

And internet…Please just stop.tumblr_mcw1kzyZ8g1ro58ah


Like.. ——>

I’m just trying to enjoy my taro tea. Thanks.

Edits, aka comments I didn’t think of when I originally wrote this

“Of all of the people who say,’Go to the gym!’ how many of them actually do? In my experience 0. ZERO PEOPLE!!!”

“Feminists aren’t ‘dumb.’ Feminists didn’t create or modify this word. People who were trying to be confident of their bodies couldn’t because when that say, ‘I’m okay in my fat’ all they can think of are people saying ‘Being fat is so unhealthy, you’re killing yourself, you’re shortening your lifespan,etc.’ Well.. If I fall and my fat breaks my fall I live. If you fall and your muscle tears/ your bone breaks, you’re temporarily handicapped. So there. A comment I can admit I made to feel better about myself and I will defend if for a maximum of 5 seconds. MERONG.”

Pavla PerfectLeanBody + More

So today I have decided to start sculpting my body and becoming a healthy teenager (YAY!!!).. Well.. Not technically today..

But, it’s gonna be kind of difficult from the get go. Soooooo, I’ve decided to keep track of my progress on the blog (which I haven’t updated in ever….. Ever…) Anywho, at the end of every week I will tell you all how it went.  And I will also be posting a food diary after the first week, which for the next week of my life will be consisting of tons  fruits and vegetables! YAY! FUN RIGHT? If I can get to the farmer’s market this weekend 😀 (Starting on Monday)


And Pavla, oh Pavla unnie! I’m gonna be trying to do the cellulite workouts at least twice a week (check her out on PavlaPerfectLeanBody). And next week I’ll (probably o.o) be starting TAE-KWON-DO with one of my closest friends, Lulu! yay!!!



Also, throughout the day I will be doing SNSD exercises (Sooyoung’s, Yuri’s, Tiffany’s and Jessica’s), along with Nana’s before sleeping regimen, Hyunyoung’s hula hooping and possibly jump rope too. Let’s go good body! HWAITING

List of Kpop Workouts (and diets) that Aren’t Too Insane to Try At Home

Hi everyone! So we all have those days when we feel hungry, sleepy, and highly overweight, and looking at Korean idols, actors, and models does NOT make us feel any better. SOOOOOOOO, I’ve decided to make a list of these idol’s workouts (and diet tips) that I’ve heard about that seem safe and reasonable for you to try for when you have those times.

It’s hard to find guy’s workouts and diets that aren’t well… INSANE. So for guys I’d recommend…. Lol, who’s highly overweight? (ME) If you want the advice still… I’d say just do what Kahi does, leisure exercise, jogging, tennis, swimming, biking and lifting. Also, try not to eat super close to bedtime and drink A LOT of water, eat salads before large meals, and thin soups after. Yeah.

Nana (Workout)

5f777f8d8289d6c4b4bf8bdda2910bc1For idol Nana, staying in shape is very important. In an interview with Elle, she revealed how she keep in shape. Every night, she does 100 push ups and squats, and she walks up the stairs 2 at a time. 






Kahi (Workout & Diet Tip)

Kahi does not enjoy lounging around, so she does a variety of leisure sports such as biking, riding horses, jogging and yoga to stay in shape. Also, she admits that she eats a lot, seven meals a day to be exact. However, these meals consist of healthy foods as you can observe below (fruits, boiled eggs, leafy vegetables, rice, radishes, and meat).kahi 37648_kahi-eating-a-delicious-lunch





Sooyoung (Workout)



Sooyoung was blessed with a high metabolism to stay thin, but she still exercises to keep her legs looking nice and in shape. She does a few exercises that involve stretching the legs and increasing blood flow to the legs. Some of the exercises are done while sitting. To increase blood flow to your ankle, hold your ankle in your lap and rotate your ankle with your hand for about 10 seconds each. To stretch your legs, do the “girls bring the boys out” move from “The Boys” video on each leg and hold for 30 seconds each. To strengthen your legs, do the exercise below.


  1. 458302Sit.
  2. Sit up straight.
  3. Lift your feet up so that your ankles are parallel to your hips.
  4. Hold them there for 5 seconds.
  5. Lower your feet to the floor and repeat.

For pretty arms…

  1. 458303Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart
  2. Spread your arms wide and flex your hands
  3. Turn your arms clockwise for four counts and bend your knees at the same time
  4. Swoop your arms so that they extend directly in front of you
  5. Continue the movement for the fifth, sixth and seventh count
  6. Bring your arms in towards your body and stretch them out as you jump on the eighth count.
  7. 20 reps, 3 sets

Yuri (Workout & Diet Tip)korea-snsd-yuri

Yuri’s abs have to be the most recognizable characteristics about her body, and I know the workout she does to get them. 600. I repeat, 600 sit-ups. Right?

iCS3ta6nz7MyARidiculous sounding, but less ridiculous than sitting at home and watching televisions for the 30 minutes you could be using to workout. Yup. However, I’ve heard that sit-ups aren’t that good for your spine so I’d probably do 600-800 crunches instead. ALSO… Yuri drinks a mixture of yam juice, apple juice, and milk every morning. There.

Tiffany and Jessica (Workout)20120520_snsd_tiffany_jessica_chanel_3

I really do NOT want to explain this…

SO here.

Do Tiffany’s 3 times a day and Jessica’s 9.

Tiffany’s literally takes a minute. Jessica’s takes about… hmm.. Three minutes?


Hyunyoung (Workout & Diet Tip)Cho Hyun Young

After debut, netizens were quick to comment on how chubby Hyunyoung appeared on screen 😦 , however, she lost 17.5 pounds (8 kg) through… Hula hooping and jump roping (skipping rope). Oh my god. And it’s so logical, too. The hula hooping shapes your obliques very nicely and jumping rope burns from about 600-1000 calories per hour. Try it. TRY IT. Also, this unnie does not eat four hours before sleeping. And water. Many many water.

Thanks for viewing my list, and I’m sorry I couldn’t find any boy workouts 😦 So duh sorrow… Okay byes!

For other workouts, check out Ceci’s “Body Paparazzi