Pavla PerfectLeanBody + More

So today I have decided to start sculpting my body and becoming a healthy teenager (YAY!!!).. Well.. Not technically today..

But, it’s gonna be kind of difficult from the get go. Soooooo, I’ve decided to keep track of my progress on the blog (which I haven’t updated in ever….. Ever…) Anywho, at the end of every week I will tell you all how it went.  And I will also be posting a food diary after the first week, which for the next week of my life will be consisting of tons  fruits and vegetables! YAY! FUN RIGHT? If I can get to the farmer’s market this weekend 😀 (Starting on Monday)


And Pavla, oh Pavla unnie! I’m gonna be trying to do the cellulite workouts at least twice a week (check her out on PavlaPerfectLeanBody). And next week I’ll (probably o.o) be starting TAE-KWON-DO with one of my closest friends, Lulu! yay!!!



Also, throughout the day I will be doing SNSD exercises (Sooyoung’s, Yuri’s, Tiffany’s and Jessica’s), along with Nana’s before sleeping regimen, Hyunyoung’s hula hooping and possibly jump rope too. Let’s go good body! HWAITING


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